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Pilgrim Ministries Attends The 22nd Annual Johnny Hunt Mens Conference

The men of Pilgrim Ministries traveled to 1st Baptist Church in Woodstock, Georgia this weekend for the Johnny Hunt Men's Conference. Pictured in front are Tyler Crump, Randy Hartline, Dennis Smith, Ryan Barrentine, Stacy Wyatt, Shannon Tucker (Assistant Director) and Randy Pauley who is the father of one of our residents. Pictured in the back are Andy Pilgrim (Executive Director), Josh McWilliams, Shannon Roach, Drew Jones, Heath Drennan, Keith Hackett (Ministry Facilitator) and Shane Pauley. Photo taken by Craig Dickinson (Board Member).

The theme for this year's conference was Anchored - Strong Foundations For Turbulent Times. In addition to Pastor Johnny Hunt, speakers included Boyd Bailey, Gary Bates, Troy Haas, Bob Record, Danny Singleton, and James Eubanks.

Boyd Bailey is the author and founder of Wisdom Hunters ( free daily devotionals, a ministry created to encourage Christians to “apply God’s unchanging Truth to a changing world.” Boyd is also the co-founder and CEO of Ministry Ventures (, where he has trained and coached over 1000 ministries in the best practices of prayer, board formation and operation, ministry models, administration and fundraising. His passions are God, family, encouragement and writing. Topic: “CHANGE” – Change is inevitable. We are either experiencing change, leaving change or entering change. Changes in career, relationships, finances, health, church, home and family are a few familiar ones. By God's grace we manage change or it manages us. Learn how to excel during change by doing your best, trusting God with the rest and resting in Him!

Gary Bates is the CEO of Creation Ministries International ( based in Atlanta, GA. Globally each year, CMI conducts around 1,200 presentations with the aim of equipping believers so they can defend their faith in the crucial and foundational area of origins. CMI also employs more scientists than any other Christian ministry, and like Gary, most were once convinced evolutionists, but now proclaim that God’s Word can be trusted from the very first verse. Gary is a specialist on popular culture and the author of Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection (the only creation book to become an top 50 bestseller, and the children’s book One Big Family, which explains how all ‘racial’ groups are literal descendents of Adam and Eve. He has written hundreds of articles for CMI’s website and has recently coauthored the top selling booklet, How did we get our Bible—and is it the Word of God? Topic: “Dinosaurs & Fossils: A Testimony to the Global Judgment of Times Past and Yet to Come” - In popular culture (media, and public education), dinosaurs are probably used more than any other topic to indoctrinate people into the worldview of evolution and millions-of-years. But most have never heard the overwhelming evidence that man and dinosaurs have coexisted in recent history. And more recently paleontologists have discovered physical evidence of soft tissue and even DNA that refutes the millions of years ‘age of dinosaurs’. What does this mean for Christians? Jesus said that His return would be as “In the days of Noah”. Gary Bates relates how we can use information about dinosaurs and fossils to reaffirm the Bible’s account of history and communicate the Gospel of Christ.

Troy Haas is Director of Restoration Ministries at FBCW and has 20 years of ministry experience, including 6 years as an IMB missionary in Kenya. His personal story of brokenness and restoration is both an encouragement and an inspiration to others and makes him particularly effective in ministering to those struggling with life-dominating sin. Troy and his wife Melissa have dedicated their lives to encouraging, enabling, and equipping the body of Christ to live out Galatians 6:1—Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. Topic: "Men's Secret Wars: Winning the Battles that All Men Face" - In our culture today men are under attack and pressure in unprecedented ways. Find real hope and practical help to be the victorious man you long to be.

Bob Reccord ( has authored 8 books and has spoken to thousands. His varied background includes being a business executive, a pastor, and the founding President of the North American Mission Board. In 1995-1997 he led the implementation of the restructuring of the Southern Baptist Convention. Bob has spoken for college football and NFL chapels, FCA, business conferences, young leader summits, and men’s and marriage conferences and has a passion for evangelistic Wild Game Dinners. He is an avid hunter, scuba diver, outdoorsman, and has paraglided off the Swiss Alps. Until recently Bob served as Executive Director of the Council for National Policy in Washington DC working with top leaders in the nation calling America back to its founding principles. He has just accepted a new position as President /CEO of Hope for the Heart in Dallas Texas, a national and international ministry helping people turn life issues from stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Topic:Anchored! Navigating the Storms of Relationships” – This session will focus on the fact that our most challenging problems are not theological, but relational. Come take the journey of how to navigate the turbulent waters of difficult people and repairing ruptured relationships.

Danny Singleton ( is founder of Danny Singleton Ministries, leading unique experiences for churches. The women and children of our culture are begging for help. Pastors and churches are begging for help. Danny has spent the last two decades of his life trying to help the Adams of our time in more than 200 men’s conferences & retreats. Topic: “MENMATTER!” It’s true…men really do matter for Good, for Bad and for Ugly. We are difference makers regardless of our methods and intentions. The enemy has a strategy with subtle tools to disrupt our best efforts. Let’s spend one hour investigating how we can help MENMATTER for the Good and His Glory!

James Eubanks is the Director of Counseling at FBCW where he oversees the church’s counseling center as well as the counseling needs for the City of Refuge. James has been counseling with individuals and couples for over 17 years. He also has a wealth of experience in providing marriage classes and workshops, for couples who desire to heal and strengthen their relationship. James has a passion to see marriages in the body of Christ become closer, renewed, and stronger than ever. James and his wife Carol have been married for 32 years, and have three sons and two daughter-in-laws. Topic: “The Marriage Anchor: A Shelter from the Storm” - We all need to hold fast the Christ, the Anchor, in the midst of the storms of life. But God’s design is also that your marriage be an anchor, a safe haven, from the storm. We will examine the truths of God’s design for marriage to be a safe haven, a place where each spouse can find comfort, encouragement and support. We will explore the things that help create a sense of safety and connection in the relationship, as well as how to remove the things that hinder. The goal is for each man to become better equipped to build and/or repair the relationship with his wife, allowing that relationship to bring glory to God.

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